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Service Overview

The Western Executive Network offers Business Consulting and Interim Management. Both services are available in any of the key senior management areas including General Management, Finance, Operations, Marketing and Sales, Human Resources and Information Technology.

Business Consulting may either take the form of mentoring and advising an executive in your organization or undertaking a specific project on behalf of the client. For example, our executives have implemented new business systems, designed, reviewed and implemented client projects, developed business and marketing strategies, and transitioned companies to their next level of development.

Interim Management is a service where the contract executive operates inside your firm as an integral part of the management team. Unlike consultants, we do not just make recommendations; we actually implement them and take on specific roles (e.g. CEO, CFO, CIO, VP of Sales and Marketing, etc.).

Terms and duration of assignments are based on your needs, such as full-time for six months, or perhaps a day per week for a month. After completing an assignment, we ensure a smooth transition to your management team. Fees are determined based on the duration, complexity and responsibility of the assignment, and because we are engaged on a contract basis, there are no worries about severance when the project is complete.

In summary, we provide real results for difficult challenges with no upfront hiring or benefit costs, and we transfer our skills to your management team to ensure a smooth transition upon completion. When you need immediate help, the Western Executive Network provides instantly effective experience to solve the problems facing your business.

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