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Meet Our Executive Team

Our executives have experience in positions of leadership across a breadth of industries and organizational structures, and can lend their expertise to help you move your organization in the right strategic direction.

We provide instantly effective experience, full or part time, short-term or long-term on a cost-effective contract basis. See our Service Overview and Benefits to Your Company.


Douglas Atterbury

Douglas is a Product Development, Product Management and Engineering executive with a proven track record in designing, implementing and managing Product Lifecycle, Engineering and Business Management processes. During his career he has developed numerous successful products at leading high technology companies that ranged from early start-ups to mature multi-national organizations.

He specializes in assessing and improving organizational effectiveness to develop and introduce winning products into production within the shortest possible timeframes. Through change management he proved that best-in-class lifecycle processes that mobilize the whole organization through using concurrent engineering practices led by empowered core teams, always leads to success.

Additionally, Douglas has international Business Development, Technology Transfer and Inter-company Product Development experience. He has worked with industry leaders in North America, Europe, NE and SE Asia, China, Australia and South Africa in the areas of commercial telecommunications, defense communications, solid state lighting, utilities and electronic warfare.

Douglas is a strong leader and team player who can assist companies in:

  • Assessing effectiveness of product delivery organizations and processes.
  • Product Lifecycle process implementation and management.
  • Implementation of Program Management Offices and high performance Core Teams.
  • Building winning Engineering and Product Management teams.
  • Designing effective Operational Management programs.

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Jim Brown

Jim Brown has over 35 years of senior business and management experience. He focuses primarily on transiting companies to meet enterprise status. Jim has solid achievements for general corporate management, profit-making abilities, meeting returns on investment, implementation and execution of strategic plans, financial funding and providing solid leadership

Jim has proven skills in human resource management, financial management, investor relations, marketing/ sales management, operations management, union labour negotiations, project management and strategic planning.

Jim has worked with public, private and not-for-profit companies across Canada where he held senior management positions. In 1993 he bought his own company and was successful in growing the company to a point where it reached maximum potential for resale.

Since 2004 he has worked on his own as a business consultant with the prime purpose of helping small to medium size companies to become and remain successful.

He continues to be a mentor to several start-up technology companies and serves as a volunteer mentor for small businesses through the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs

Jim is an officer for the West Coast Railway Association and a director for the Canadian Council for Railway Heritage

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Bill Gibson

A highly qualified former CEO and senior level manager with extensive board leadership and governance experience. Possessing the proven ability to identify key issues and lead organizations to success, Bill is both visionary and hands-on. His skills in motivating people to work collaboratively in a team environment have been demonstrated in many situations. Bill has an outstanding record of achievements as an executive, and has successfully operated both small entrepreneurial and large corporate businesses. As CEO, Bill led a not-for-profit retail co-operative to dramatic sales growth and market dominance. He is currently on the Board of Directors of two organizations, serving very successfully as Chairman of one and Treasurer of the other.

At present, he is also the Interim General Manager for the British Columbia Wine Authority and recently filled the role of Interim CEO of Pharmasave Drugs (National) Ltd. Over the past few years, he has helped a number of different CEOs with strategic, financial, marketing, operational and people issues including business plans to secure financing, market analyses, sales proposals, training sales teams how to sell strategically to senior management, training entry level retail associates, and advising a store owner on the many start-up aspects of a new store concept. Bill serves as a volunteer mentor for small businesses through the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs.

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Tom Herbst

Tom brings over 30 years of management success to his consulting. As the CEO, he developed and led a retailer from an entrepreneurial single employee venture to a multi-branch vertically integrated organization with over 300 employees. In a more recent venture he took a rapidly growing Canadian brand through its transition years after arranging its sale to a major international corporation.

As a consultant he has worked as an interim CEO as well as in marketing, sales and advisory positions. Of particular significance is his ability to find, develop and lead talented staff. He has specific expertise in retail, light manufacturing, and the management of intellectual property and has worked with organizations across Canada, in the US and in Europe, where his fluency in German is an asset. He has had repeat engagements with many clients, and continues to provide European marketing services to Feathercraft Folding Kayaks and to act as an advisor to ARC'TERYX Equipment.

In addition to an M.A., his academic background includes PhD studies. His years in both retailing and light manufacturing have given him contacts and experience with product sourcing in Europe and Asia as well as North America. He has had success lobbying government on industry and trade issues. Tom has served on both volunteer and business boards and has a long history of involvement in the co-operative and non-profit sector.

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Anne Ismay

Anne Ismay is an executive that envisions and achieves an organization's potential: Where are you now? Where are you going? She has created strategies and transformed public, private and non-profit organizations across Canada. Companies have sought her expertise in developing start-ups, expanding existing businesses and integrating companies after mergers. International corporations have asked her to introduce brands, value propositions and lead target marketing. She is recognized for creating collaborative agreements, leading post-merger integration and multi-organizational transformation in highly sensitive environments.

Anne is an accredited executive associate of the Institute for Independent Business International. Anne's engaging leadership style and management skills have brought success to over 45 public and not-for-profit organizations, and several private companies.

Anne serves as a volunteer mentor for small businesses through the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs.

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Hillar Kalmar

Hillar Kalmar has over 25 years of business experience, comprising venture capital management, corporate finance, and resource consulting. He focuses primarily on strategy and execution, building and assessing management teams and boards, and financing. Hillar has worked with public, private and not-for-profit companies in various industries, from early stage technology companies to mature resource based businesses.

Through Fall 2006, Hillar was a Senior Vice-President, Investments with an investment fund manager, GrowthWorks Capital, where he spent over a decade managing public and private pools of capital, achieved top quartile returns and helped to build a national presence. His responsibilities included working with CEO’s, boards, other investors and fund staff to manage company growth and successfully exit businesses such as Datawest (sold to Open Solutions), PureEdge (sold to IBM), Kelsan Technologies (sold to Portec), Octiga Bay (sold to Cray), Sonigistix (sold to Eastech) and others.

Hillar holds B.A.Sc. and M.B.A. degrees, the P.Eng. designation and has been a director of over 15 companies where he has helped guide management and shareholders on strategic, operational and governance issues. He has headed various board committees and served as board chair.

Recently, Hillar’s work includes advising a company that is developing new products in conjunction with several universities.

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Valerie Lambert, CA

Valerie has enjoyed career success in the BC resource sector for over 25 years in a wide range of strategic roles. In her capacity as Treasurer of BC Gas (now Terasen Gas), she was instrumental in carrying out the successful privatization of the Lower Mainland Gas Division of BC Hydro. She led the team that placed all of the financing for the $750 million acquisition and developed strong and effective banking relationships. She also developed a comprehensive investor relations program which enabled the company to access debt and equity funding on attractive terms.

Valerie has also worked in the energy sector internationally in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe assisting companies to access funds from international financial institutions. She has also prepared many business models to support financing plans.

More recently, as Treasurer of BC Hydro, she developed the debt financing portfolio for the company and also led the development of credit, foreign exchange and commodity risk management policies. She managed the pension and insurance programs for that company.

Her passion is people and project management. In recognition of her skills in these areas she was asked to manage the project to build a southern route for the transportation of natural gas to Vancouver Island from the Lower Mainland. She led a fifty person team which successfully obtained all necessary regulatory approvals for this complex project.

Valerie's participative management style instills trust and confidence. She has a proven record of attracting, retaining and motivating top employees.

She is active on a number of corporate and volunteer Boards. She also volunteers her time to Commerce students at the University of BC as a member of the Client Committee of the Portfolio Management Foundation.

Contact Valerie now to see how she can help your company.



Don Linder

Don has extensive executive level experience in the advanced technology and consulting fields, He specializes in creating high-performance teams that deliver large increases in new business from new customers and in new applications from existing customers. His teams have consistently delivered double-digit revenue and profit growth in very challenging marketplaces.

Building on his original engineering background and over 30 years of business experience, Don has successfully created the concepts & structured tools that ensure complex sales are achieved profitably. He provides executive assistance and business development training to companies that sell complex products and services. Specific areas of focus include assisting clients with:

  • Winning major new business
  • Strategies and plans for critical markets
  • Establishing more effective and consistent management processes
  • Creating more reliable revenue forecasting systems
  • Selling highly complex technical products & services

Recent engagements have included assisting a U.S. based software developer increase North American license sales by 35% in very difficult economic conditions, helping a Canadian software firm improve their market strategies which resulted in $10 million in contracts with new customers and assisting a large telecommunications company improve their sales effectiveness with customer executives. His clients have included large multi-national corporations (General Dynamics, Hughes Aircraft, SITA, etc.) and smaller growth companies.

If your company provides advanced products & services to large customers and you're not satisfied with your level of profitability, click here for the guide "The Mistakes that cause you to Lose Big Contracts."

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Karen Parker, PEng, MBA

Karen brings over 25 years of Management and Operations Leadership in upstream oil and gas, shipbuilding, project management, retail and manufacturing. She grew her own company through early adoption of internet commerce and the delivery of exceptional customer service to domestic and international clients.

A mechanical engineer, she has applied that knowledge in shipbuilding, oil and gas operations, heating systems and most recently, database applications. She is highly skilled in project initiation and creating viable operating entities with effective staffing, business and technical infrastructure. Karen uses her MBA to further enhance her business analytical skills.

Karen recently guided a fledgling research and development company with a new product in establishing their corporate and manufacturing processes, from human resource policies to supply chain systems. She has also aided many small businesses to focus on the important issues and to execute effectively to achieve their goals. She is able to lead multifaceted teams from concept to implementation in varied industries.

Karen has served on both volunteer and business boards. She also has a history of working with volunteer organizations including the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.

Karen has a proven track record for team leadership and guidance for complex and problematic projects. Through multiple industries, she has maintained a focus on the critical interactions of the customer, the employees and the suppliers.

With a can-do and how-to attitude Karen has guided operations and business teams to achieve their goals in an efficient and thorough manner. She has a proven capacity to inspire team loyalty to produce outcomes. She is known for her integrity, persistence, innovation and excellence in problem solving and project management.

Contact Karen now to see how she can help your company.



Dave Stanton

Dave is a senior executive who specializes in Business Development Planning and Execution, Professional Services Management and Business Planning. His areas of expertise include executive management, business consulting, sales and marketing. His strengths are:

  • Executive Management
  • The ability to successfully manage complex partnerships and projects across wide geographic areas.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Strong communications skills and experience in developing multi-disciplined teams.

As an experienced Executive with broad management experience, his major successes have been achieved in projects of a complex and high value nature that require good interpersonal skills and a pro-active approach to planning and management. Over the past 18 years Dave has built successful Canadian and US sales operations in, professional services and systems integration.

Recent accomplishments:

  • Led the sales effort for a large professional services company. Identified new products and managed a joint venture that resulted in the acquisition of over US$12 million of new business.
  • Directed the execution and business development throughout the BC Region for professional services and was responsible for the successful delivery of a $6+ million project.
  • Managed the software sales effort for North America and executed a sales strategy for the release of new software products, developed sales programs, managed multi-million dollar alliance relationships.

Contact Dave now to see how he can help your company.



Cliff Tang, MBA

Mr. Tang has 15 years of combined IT/HR experience with firms including: IBM and Compaq Canada, Accenture, MAXIMUS BC Health Insurance, Wood West & Partners Inc., MDSI, Eagle Professional Resources, and The British Columbia Institute of Technology. Prior to his IT Recruitment Career, he spent 7 years with IBM and Digital Equipment of Canada (Compaq) as a technical infrastructure consultant and a project manager.

Mr. Tang holds a Co-operative Education Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Simon Fraser University in Organizational Development and a Minor in Human Kinetics. In addition, he holds a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA), from Royal Roads University in Corporate Strategy, Leadership & Organizational Development, and he is a graduate advisor for MBA learners finishing their final consulting projects. Cliff is also a Certified Canadian Human Resources Professional (CHRP), and is an active Human Resources Management Association member.

His ten years of technical instruction at BCIT has been focused on Project Management theory (PMBOK) and Microsoft Project XP software. He is a Microsoft Technical Trainer (Windows) and he has been a past Director for the Canadian Information Processing Society from 1998 - 2002 (Vancouver Chapter).

He helps companies find highly skilled resources by shortening the time to fill ratio by utilizing Mr. Tang's unique blend of information technology and intuitive human resources skills to complete assignments often deemed very difficult to place and retain. Since 1997, his candidate to placement ratio is 3:1 and he has filled 376 IT positions including: senior executive, contract, and technical roles.

In addition, Cliff helps to develop future information technology talent by providing one on one career coaching and leadership development mentoring.

Contact Cliff now to see how he can help your company.



Michael Thirlwell

Michael Thirlwell is a results-oriented executive with exceptional leadership and organizational skills and a proven track record in general management, sales, marketing and customer service. With over 25 years of corporate, small and mid-size, and public-sector business experience he implements and achieves results with disciplined management processes, strong workgroup structure and a supportive, empowering style. Prior assignments have included clean-sheet development and implementation of management processes, management of a public sector foundation, and management of major operational and planning functions in mid-sized and corporate environments. His teams consistently over-achieve their goals and objectives.

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Ian Whyte, CA

Ian is an accomplished Financial Accountant with over thirty-five years experience in public accounting, financial management, fiscal reporting and budget development and control.

He has successfully managed the finance function for various small to medium sized corporations, performed due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, has public company experience, built a successful accounting practice for an eventual sale, ensured tax compliance to a diverse client base and developed business plans and successfully raised capital for start up companies.

As well, Ian has served on several not for profit boards as president and treasurer; has assisted in start-up companies in various industries, developed financial reporting systems and established banking relationships.

Ian is presently the CFO for two companies; one is engaged in servicing the oil patch in Alberta and the other is a power generation company utilizing a new technology related to the internal combustion engine.

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Ronald K. (Ron) Wood

Ron is a proven business executive with extensive management, board of directors, business development and human resources experience. Ron recently sold his interest in the successful executive search firm, Wood West & Partners Inc, which he founded in 1982, following a ten-year management career in the computer industry. As a principal in Wood West, he was primarily involved in business development as well as fulfilling executive search assignments in virtually every industry, government and not for profit organizations.

Coincident with his business career, Ron was elected Mayor of the District of West Vancouver for two successive terms (1999-2005) following his election as Councillor for three terms (1990-1999). In these roles, he was active on the boards and committees of the GVRD, Translink and E-Comm which provided an excellent background and understanding of Lower Mainland issues.

Community participation has included:
President, British Columbia Chamber of Commerce
President, West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce and
President, Kiwanis Club of Vancouver

Currently, he is a board member of the Canadian Paralympic Foundation, the Lions Gate Hospital Hospice Society and the West Vancouver-Capilano Liberal constituency association.

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