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Solving Challenges

Every year, thousands of businesses fail across North America. While business failures know no size boundaries, over 90% of Canadian business are small, and 98% of BC businesses have fewer than 50 employees. In BC, even though economic conditions are generally improving, there were 22,946 consumer and business bankruptcies filed in three years (2002-2004).

Starting a business is easy and begins with an idea, however, continuing to grow it is not, as owners deal with day-to-day operations, customers, suppliers, finances and human resources. The time needed for monitoring the market, adapting the business, and implementing a strategy to grow their business is lost.

When a business fails, it is due to factors that build up over time. Rarely do problems occur that cause a sudden failure. Most business failures are due to internal failures, not external factors such as competition or economic conditions. The most common reason for business failures include:


  • Inability to reach decisions & act on them
  • Poor: customer, supplier, employee relations
  • People: loss, stress or lack of training
  • Loss of control through creditors' demands
  • Reluctance to seek professional assistance
  • Growth without adequate capitalization
  • Ignoring adverse financial data
  • Inadequate financial records
  • Loss of impetus in sales
  • Competition disregarded due to complacency
  • Failure to anticipate market trends
  • Failure to promote & maintain favourable image

Thinking, Planning & Acting

  • Products and Services
  • Management and Employees
  • Customers and Markets
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Adapting & Cost Control
  • Creating Products & Services
  • Improving Quality
  • Training Employees
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Developing New Markets

The Contract Executives at the Western Executive Network have successfully managed similar challenges before and their skills will help your organization avoid an expensive learning curve when faced with tough times. With their extensive experience, our contract executive quickly learns your unique challenges and starts contributing to the solution right away. As our services are contract-based, we can start on your project immediately, without the long delays and hiring costs that are typical when hiring a permanent executive. For urgent challenges, we offer immediate help.

Specific challenges that our contract executives have solved for organizations like yours include:

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