Western Executive Network:
Instantly Effective Experience

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Benefits to Your Company

The Western Executive Network provides you with an appropriately experienced senior executive on a contract basis. In addition to their individual experience, a multi-disciplined and seasoned team of professional executives supports our executives. Each member brings a minimum of 25 years of senior management experience to the table. Few business situations have not been previously encountered by one or more members of our team during their careers. Our learning curve in approaching new situations is therefore very flat and contributions to your operation will start immediately.

Our executives work as an integral part of your organization, for as long as you need. We provide immediate services, tailored to meet your individual business requirements. Our executives are experienced in working with small and medium companies, multi-national corporations, not-for-profits, and public organizations.

  • An interim executive is cost effective: no hiring, holiday, or benefit costs.
  • A hands-on experienced executive or business mentor and coach
  • Replacement services, extended absence or new position
  • An executive with no political or personal baggage

Do you need help implementing a new organization, program or product line?
Are you merging or changing your organizational structure?
Do you want to improve performance and the bottom line?
Need to overcome capital or cost challenges?
Do you want to improve your brand, retain customers and gain market share?

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