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Our Executive Team Accomplishments


Our revenue is declining I can't sleep at night!

One of our contract executives recently completed a project for a US based software developer who was experiencing declining revenues and the resulting pressure on profits. Through a combination of refocusing of sales and marketing efforts, replacement of key staff, and extensive training, revenue growth turned positive (35% growth in new software license sales in the North American market) with greatly improved profitability.


We are missing our targets and don't know how to grow our business.

An executive mentored a small wholesale food distributor selling to restaurants. The target was to move annual sales from under $1 million to over $5 million in three years. The executive taught him how to write a business plan and prepare financial projections both for operations and for securing a bank loan, and taught him the art of making a profit. The high-energy entrepreneur now understands the margin model, knows how to manage expenses, knows the difference between fixed and variable costs and can analyze a sales proposal for all the elements to ensure it will be profitable, and many other aspects.

The executive mentored the entrepreneur and sales for fiscal 2006 are on track to hit $5 million. With guidance, the company has modified customer profiles to eliminate small, low volume customers as multi-unit chains are added. They have added several high volume, high margin products specifically to service the new customer base. In 2004, they showed a net profit, and now generate cash to the point that the negotiated line of credit is only being utilized at about 65% of the maximum. The sales teams have been restructured to focus personally on high volume accounts for both service and acquisition of new, while balance of sales team services smaller accounts. Three new chains are under negotiation and at least two are expected to close by the end of fiscal 2006.

The executive mentor spends an average of 4 hours per month over three years, more during start-up and lessening as they grow.


We need to amalgamate a trust company and a power corporation.

Our executive worked collaboratively with the Chairman, CEO's, staff, solicitors and contractors. The executive designed a new organization and developed a transformation path to amalgamate two corporations: the parent invests in social, economic and environmental opportunities generating regional revenue, growth and sustainability. Income earned is split into dividends, reinvestment and delivery of benefits (e.g. community development, arts, culture, social, environmental and educational). The subsidiary generates revenue through constructing and operating hydropower dams and selling electricity.

Our executive evaluated current mandates, strategic and operational plans, policies (e.g. investments, staffing), marketing and communication plans, locations, organizational structures, functions, roles, systems and contracts. She created an integrated organization with a 2-year transformation plan, and recommended corporate rationalization including executives, resources, functions, locations and systems. The Boards approved recommendations and plan with a 2-year Return on Investment.


Our vice president is new and needs coaching to become a stronger executive.

Over a period of three years, one of our contract executives provided an industrial equipment company with a combination of strategic market planning, enhancement of sales force effectiveness and coaching/mentoring of a new Vice President. Total revenue increased by 40% during the period without an increase in the number of sales people. As a result, profitability increased significantly.


We need to completely revamp our sales force.

We staffed a full executive team to perform a complex Sales Simulation for a large (over 300 person) sales force. In addition to performing the simulation, our executive team provided detailed evaluations on the individual sales team members. The simulation and the evaluations assisted our client with the task of reshaping and training their sales force to better resist intense competitive pressures.


We purchased the local operation of a multi-national.

A mid-size manufacturing company purchased the local operation of a multi-national company. They needed to determine which employees would come as part of the purchase, what their roles would be and what the impact would be on the purchasing company and their employees. Our executive inspected and evaluated the roles, skills compensation and expectations of the employees impacted in both organizations. He presented recommendations regarding skills, job overlaps/structure, what the amalgamated organization should look like, and how it should operate. The company then finalized and completed the amalgamation.


Our 49 business centres run autonomously, how do we collaborate and integrate?

Our executive created the vision, business and technical corporate strategic direction transitioning 49 autonomous business centres in 17 Alberta organizations, into an integrated, network of service centres. The executive evaluated each organization's business, financial, human resource, infrastructure, technology and operations against future directions, mandates, challenges, opportunities and philosophies.

Our executive created a collaborative agreement and business plan that incorporated business, technical, regulative and financial best practices, increased productivity and customer access, choice and services while lowering operational costs. The executive committee approved the 10-year plan.


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